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Real Estate Marketing Resources

Free Growth Strategies for Real Estate Agents, and Loan Officers

ramesh ghimire

Hi, My Name is Ramesh Ghimire, and I help Real Estate Agents, and Loan Officers to close 3-5 more deals a month!

Thank you for visiting my site. Here I have compiled some resources for you that can help you scale your business, and close more deals every month. You will get free resources on getting more leads from Google, Facebook, and Linkedin. These are proven strategies that many marketers like me and top real estate agents & Loan officers around the country are utilizing.

If you have any difficulty accessing these resources, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will be adding more materials, and videos in the coming days to help you succeed.

Google Exposure Guide

Google My Business is a FREE Tool provided by Google. If we have to search for any products or services, we go to google search. If you are in Google, there is a high chance that your leads come to you rather than going with your competitors. Here is a free guide on how to get leads from Google.


Free Leads from Facebook, and Linkedin

Facebook and Linkedin are the most popular platform to get your leads in 2021. If you just optimize your profile with few things, you will get unlimited free leads on autopilot. Here is a guide that I used to sell for $39 for different niches. This guide is currently on sale for $7. You can learn more about this from the following link. If you like to get this guide for free, please send me a friend request on Facebook Here, and message me, it will be on your way.



Create Stunning Graphics, and Videos

Here are some of the tools that  I use every day for my social media posts.

1.  Canva is the most popular free tool to create stunning graphics

2. Invideo is a video creating tool from which you can make kickass videos within seconds using thousands of templates. They have a free plan and plans starting from $10/month


Manage Relationships with Personalized videos and more

Warmwelcome is a tool that Real Estate Agents can use to send a personal video message to their leads, or clients. You can also use it to share your listings or to get video testimonials from your clients. You can also get Video signatures, video business cards, video bubbles on your website, video emails, teleprompters, and many other things. They have a 14 day free trial on their website, but you can use this personal promo code “REF2897” to receive 30 days free offer. Try warmwelcome now



Automatic Social Network & Messenger Marketing

As a Real Estate Agent, you have to be omnipresent. The more places you show yourself, the more chance you will have to acquire customers. And there are many social platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google My Business, Twitter etc. etc. If you post valuable content on all of your social media regularly, you can acquire 74% or more leads.

All of this Social Media Marketing can be effectively done by this tool called  POSTOPLAN

Here are its major features:

-Free plan

-You can add an unlimited number of your social accounts, users, and projects.

-Cool graphic editors to make your posts pop

-Can post to multiple accounts at once

-Can communicate with all users from a single dashboard, you don’t have to switch between Facebook, Twitter,Linkedin, Instagram etc

-Easy scheduling of content for months in advance

-Can schedule to Google My Business, Telegram, or even Whatsapp

-More than 700 calendar post ideas and suggestions for the whole year

-Compared to Hootsuite, buffer but much cheaper and more features

Want 10-15 Guaranteed Booked Appointments ?

Exclusive Pre Qualified Leads, Top CRM for pipeline value with lead nurturing, done for you booked appointments on autopilot

Here is What I can do for you!

We will find the leads, you get to save time and close more deals. We will focus on generating quality leads and follow-up with them, so you can focus on closing more deals.

No more spending over shared leads like Zillow. We will provide you exclusive leads, never share with other agents. We won’t even work with other agents within a certain radius of your targeted location.

You will also get your own CRM to see how everything is running. You don’t have to learn anything about CRM if you don’t want to as our team will be working for you. 

You will get lots of opportunities to close a lead with our CRM. You can even contact the lead from our CRM through call, text messaging, or email. You will see the pre-qualification history of leads, not just the contact information. 

 You need a System like ours that runs on autopilot and help you scale. Word of mouth and referral is a good source but you can’t depend on them. Same way for cold calling or mailer campaign, hard to track and not good ROI. 

We believe in shared responsibility if you want to be successful. One person or a small team cannot scale. We love to help you scale by finding the right buyers and sellers who are ready to do the transaction. Leave your worries to us  for marketing, nurturing, follow-ups and booking appointments.

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