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One day, I had a tooth pain, and I knew I have to spend good amount of money onto it. I would like to fix it before it creates big pain, and I have to spend huge fortune. I cannot go to any dentist, right ? It has to be the best dentist in my city, ( Arlington, Texas), it has to be close, it has to be affordable. So I Googled “dentist in Arlington Texas”. This is what I found

You see, all of those are ads, and I don’t want to click ad first, so I googled “Best dentist in arlington texas” , and this is what google God brought me

This is better right ? At least I can see all the ratings, and reviews. And for a while I forgot my pain, and this idea came out. I saw that all the first page of Google -which by the way is number one search engine, is occupied by dental practices which can spend fortune with google ads, or by fortune compaines like Yelp, Threebestrated, Angielist, or Yellowpages, or So where are the small guys like you ? Although dentists like you work hard for your clients, make your community better, you are found nowhere. If you can afford to spend tens of thousands of dollars a month, then you will be found on Search engines, if not you will be depending on old ways of words of mouth advertising and it’s taking you no where , am I right ? If I am wrong, then congratulations, you are doing great, you must be one of those dental practices that can afford to be on top of search engine. In that case I may not be able to help you, and reading further is just waste of your time.

Back to the story, I could not choose my ideal dentist that can work on my dental problems. And I knew there are thousands of people out there who are just like me trying to find best, affordable local dentist. Similarly, there are hundreds of dentist out there who are great on what they do, but are pressed by either big franchise dental companies or increasing ad costs that they cannot afford. There I found my perfect Lead generation niche which is dental practices helping dentists locally. A successful, but unhappy lead generation expert will be happy by helping unhappy dental clients meet their ideal dentist, that’s how I am now focusing on Dental niche only, for the time being.

I started by registering a domain in my area. I made a logo, added some content, tracking phone number, and made a simple wordpress website. After that, I started a youtube channel, and uploaded few videos. In few days, my videos were on page one, and on third position. After that, I created a Facebook page, and ran a ad for Free Teeth Whitening.

On Monday, morning I had a notification on my phone regarding the ad result of my trial campaign, and I was shocked, I could not believed what I saw. I saw that in 3 days, Friday night to Monday morning, I had 38 link click. I had spent $45 dollars, and received information of 23 people that are interested in dental cleaning. Now I am in a Big Big problem.

Luckily, I have researched few of my ideal dentists , and one of them was interested on our Trial, where you pay only for the advertising cost to the platform, for example to Facebook, and we will run the ad for free. We will build landing pages, call tracking number, channels, all promotion materials, different sets of ads targeting your ideal clients. The client was happy with the trial, and we already secured 2 other dentists in other cities.

If you want your FREE trial, to see if this is the best decision for your business, then please give me a call at 817-752-5539. Please mention this is for a dental campaign, so that I won’t be confused with all other niches I have worked with. I am pretty sure, that you will be happy with the results, I provide, and can be able to compete with the big Brothers surrounding you, and your dental practice.

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