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About Me

Hi there, this is Ramesh Ghimire, and I am the CEO of Summit SEO and a local Digital Marketing Expert. We help local businesses by ranking their businesses higher on search engines and local maps like Google, Bing, Apple, etc. I am a graduate of Communications Technology from UT Arlington and I am working as a digital marketer for almost a decade. I also own and am a co-founder of a popular salon with three locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, which is going to be a global franchise soon. With my degree in the field of communications technology and running my own salon’s marketing department, I became proficient, and an expert in digital marketing. I learn new systems, and processes every day, what works and what does not work. I test new strategies all the time and implement those that work, and get rid of systems that don’t generate good ROI. My past and current clients range from salons, restaurants, realtors, loan officers, pediatricians, dentists, training schools, tow truck drivers, IT Companies, Electricians, Locksmiths, Senior Care, Real Estate Companies, Chambers, Golf Centers, Tree professionals, Influencers, Financial Service, CPAs, etc. I love to meet local business owners, share each other’s entrepreneurial journeys, and build strong relationships. Let’s meet for coffee or lunch, and I love to help you in growing your business and learn new things from you.

Born In Nepal

I am originally from Nepal, been there first 23 years of my life

Came to US in 2006

Came to the United States to pursue higher education

First Web Site

I designed my first website almost 20 years ago just for fun using a computer in cyber cafe

Also Own local business

Beside running a Digital Marketing Agency, I also co own three top salon in Arlington, and Grand Prairie Texas

How can I help you?

I love to help businesses and professionals. My first consultation is free if you are a non-profit.

My Involvement

I love to involve in the community. I have joined various organizations, and tried to help to the non profits as much as I can. Some of those names include

-Nepalese American Chamber Of Commerce

-Development for Peace International

-HDNP International 

-Asian Business Council

If you know any non profits that can use my help, please contact me

Ramesh Ghimire